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Efficient Local Moving Services For All Your Needs

At A-1 Advanced Moving & Storage, Inc. of Tomball, TX, you'll get reliable local moving services at competitive prices. From packing, protecting, loading and unloading your items, our dedicated professionals will do it all. Your goods will be safely packed and moved without causing any damages. Have you hired your own rental truck? Then we can also load and unload goods for you. Take advantage of our superlative residential and commercial moving services. Local moving is generally less than 50 miles. Call 281-376-2543 to learn more.

Plan Your Relocation With Us

The peak season for moving starts from May 15th through September 15th. If you're particular about a specific date, it's always recommended to book your moving plans in advance. Most companies arrange their moving on every month end due to lease and rental changes. Get in touch to book your moving date with us today!

Our Affordable Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates for local, in-house moves and in-office moves are charged based on the number of workers and the minimum hours involved in the relocation work. We do add a trip charge based on your zip codes; additional charges are applicable for items that weigh more than 200 pounds or require special handling. The crew's clock starts when they arrive and they are on the clock until they have completed your move and any additional services also available.

Flat Rates On Local Moves

A flat rate is guaranteed based on the following factors for your local moves:

Save money with our local moving services at your disposal!

Enjoy hassle-free local moving services at budget-friendly prices

  • Zip code moving from

  • Zip code moving to

  • If stairs are involved, the number of flights

  • If elevator is involved, what floor

  • A complete inventory of items you wish to be moved by the movers

  • If distance from your door to where the truck is parked is greater than 75'

  • Any additional services you need (disassembly, reassembly, etc.)

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