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Pack Your Belongings With Care

Proper packing of goods and belongings is a prerequisite for glassware and fragile items before moving. If you choose to pack goods and items yourself, you may still consider our packing services for your fragile items. Our professionals at A-1 Advanced Moving & Storage, Inc. of Tomball, TX will ensure that fragile items such as dishes, crystal, and pictures are safely packed so that they won't get damaged during transition. You'll get exemplary packing services and packing supplies from us. Call 281-376-2543 to talk to our friendly staff.

Safe Packing Tips For You

  • You need to be sure to choose the proper carton size and be conscious of the weight of your packing boxes. Hence, try to keep them less than forty pounds each.

  • Ensure you use lots of cushioning at the bottom, between the layers, and on the top when packing fragile items to absorb shock.

  • You should wrap all fragile items individually and remember to cushion them. Be sure to place the heavier items on bottom and the lighter items on top. Make sure items are firmly packed - loose packing creates damage!

  • Do not overfill your cartons. Tops should close firmly with no bulging. Tape cartons securely, top and bottom. Be sure to clearly mark fragile item boxes on all the four sides.

  • Ensure to label each box as to the contents and which room it belongs to.

Packing Your Special Items Safely

Plates, saucers, and flat china: You will need to wrap each piece individually and then bundle three or four together to give added stability.


Fill the top of the box with crumpled paper to make box close tightly. Nothing should move when you shake the box. If it does, you will need to add some additional cushioning.

Valuables You Should Carry With You

The following items should not be packed and it's always recommended to carry them yourself when you're relocating to a different place.

Protect your goods and belongings through our efficient packing services.

Bank on our valuable packing tips to ensure smooth and hassle-free transition

of goods

Bowls: Odd-shaped items and bowls should be placed on the top layer of the box and these must be wrapped individually with extra cushioning.

Cups and glasses: Bowls, cups, and glasses should be separately wrapped and placed on the top layer of the box with extra cushioning.

Books: You can always pack your books upright in a small (1.5 cf.) box. Open edges and bound ends should alternate. If any book has a fragile cover, you can wrap it first to ensure that it is thoroughly protected.

Clothing: You can place all the hanging items into your wardrobe cartons. Please check with your mover if you may utilize the bottom of the box for other items. You can usually leave the clothing in your dressers and chest of drawers.

If your furniture is heavy and there are stairs involved, you will need to reduce the load by packing some or all of your folding clothes in medium (3.0 cf.) cartons.

Food: Lightweight boxed, bagged food should be packed in medium (3.0 cf.) cartons. You can place the canned goods and bottles in small (1.5 cf.) cartons. It's always recommended not to pack perishable or frozen food, ensure foods are sealed to prevent spillage.

Stereos, radios, VCR's.: Small electronics, high-end gadgets, and components should be wrapped and cushioned utilizing a medium (3.0 cf.) or large (4.5 cf.) box ensuring that it does not move or get damaged during transition.

Mirrors, marble tops, glass tops, and pictures: Fragile items of this type should be firmly packed in picture-mirror cartons. Very large marble and glass tops should be crated and packed thoroughly.

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  • Bonds, collectibles, fur, jewelry

  • Securities, stocks, coins, currency

  • Stamps, insurance policies and valuable papers

  • Aerosol gas, bottled gas or propane, combustibles

  • Explosives, lamp oil, motor oil, nail polish remover

  • Oils, varnishes, bleach, candles, corrosives, flammables

  • Matches, motor fuel, paints and thinners and sterno

Hazardous materials should be excluded from packing and shipment as they are not permitted by the law. These include the following:

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